Tips for choosing the right swimsuit

April 03, 2021

Tips for choosing the right swimsuit

Women's swimwear has always been at the forefront of fashion history, changing with the trends of different times. Originally created as a cover for those who want to jump into the water, but now the sun reveals as much body space as possible and offers a diverse color and fabric palette for both swimmers and sunbathers. And the history of swimwear proves - so much has been achieved using less and less material…

Vibrant colors

The range of women's swimwear in shops is very wide, and it seems that this summer, as in previous seasons, swimsuit models, materials and colors are quite democratic: you can find very bright colors (yellow, pink, green and red) and solid colors, both swimsuits with beads, glittering stones, colorful embroidery and large floral patterns.

Swimwear models are also designed for different tastes. There is a small bikini with a triangular top: both slightly padded and with hoops and removable pads that visually improve the shape of the chest. There are thong panties, T-shirts and shorts for the beach, hip scarves, one-piece swimsuits that perfectly mask the abdomen and hips, optically reducing them. Especially if they are dark in color. The question is - which to choose? How to highlight the beautiful and hide the flaws? Understandably, on the beach we prefer to pull what is stylish, looks good and visually makes us slimmer. Ladies in the years may prefer one-piece swimsuits, but young girls definitely want to highlight their height and choose two-piece swimwear. Women who do not like to bare their naked bodies too much, can buy a swimsuit complete with a hip scarf. While it's not really meant to hide anything, it's more of an interesting and attractive accessory.


Yellow, brown, orange

Walking through the lingerie and swimwear stores, it can be concluded that there is no uniform fashion model for beachwear this summer. There are still patterns with wild jungle patterns, dotted, checkered and floral. With countless ribbons - tied or cross-enclosing the body, with metal rings, drawstrings, embroidery, appliqués.

"I would like to see this summer beach outfit luxurious and sophisticated," says fashion artist David. He talks about a one-piece swimsuit, which should be like a multifunctional outfit, where you can not only swim, but also go to the beach. Just by putting on a romantic airy hip scarf or tie. Of course, plus a large bag and a hat - so that it does not look like you have escaped from the house.

David says: Swimsuits are never the right fashion. And yet the current color scheme changes every season. This summer, the top has brown, orange and yellow tones. "These colors harmonize perfectly with tanned skin, and even with light skin they look just divine," adds the fashion artist. 

All of the above proves that the fashion of swimwear also changes every season and it must be followed.


Women's tricks

To optically enlarge your breasts, you need to buy a bikini with built-in pads on the top, which lifts and supports them, thus making your neckline beautiful and seductive. Also helps horizontal lines at the top of the swimsuit.
To optically reduce the breasts, a triangular top without padding should be chosen, which visually flattens the breasts.
To reduce the bottom, you should choose panties made of dark, firm and dense fabric. Best - monochrome or with a small pattern. Thin bikinis with side drawstrings will not fit here.
A hip bandage will help to balance the heavy part of the hips. The dark color on the sides of the hips and the swimsuit with diagonal lines also perform a similar function.
To make your legs look longer, you should choose a swimsuit with a high cut at the hips


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